jordy senssen

Head of Development

Hey Jordy, what are your superpowers in the Appart Family?

I mainly work on the front end of our websites. By doing this, I am the connecting link between design and development. Thanks to my broad study ICT and media design I can discuss various topics with my design teammates, from concepting to designing. Besides programming I like to join heads with my colleagues to solve problems, create concepts and new ideas.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I visit the gym regularly, but I enjoy a night on the couch with some friends and beer as well. Music is a passion of mine, both listening and making. If I still have time left after that, I’ll watch a good TV series or game online with friends.

What's something we can wake you up for?

Good luck waking me up! The only thing I’ll wake up for is a fun new gadget I can entertain myself with for a few hours. And even then I’d rather get back under the covers, I can try that new gadgets the next day too.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What did I not want to be? I’ve thought about becoming a lawyer or judge for a long time, I’ve even thought about becoming a doctor. But when I discovered computers, everything changed. I immediately knew this was what I wanted to do. After being in ICT for a while I started missing the creativity, so I chose a ICT and media design study. The best of both worlds.

Who have inspired you?

I think everyone has an influence on you during your life, but there are a few people who’ve truly inspired me. I gained a lot of energy from Green Day’s music, but people from the technical world, like Bill Gates, inspired me as well.

What is your best memory of Appart Media?

For me, it was the time when we still worked with five people in a garage. There was no way to escape each other, but that’s what made it awesome! A small and close team that did everything together. Our team now is as close as ever, just with a few more colleagues.

What do you think defines Appart Media?

The motivation and support we give each other is amazing. Everyone is equal and you can always count on your colleagues to help you. I enjoy the vibes and never ending jokes during our breaks, and there are no problems when it’s time to get back to work.