roy stultiens

Head of Development

Hey Roy, what are your superpowers in the Appart Family?

First off is my perseverance, I combine work with my study which often results in a full agenda. Besides that I’m very eager to learn, I want to know all the new techniques so I can apply them immediately. I have problem solving skills and am analytic, I can translate large groups of figures to useful information for our customers.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My study consumes most of my time, so my spare time is very limited. But when I do find time I like to watch a good TV series, game or make music. I would also like to learn to play the guitar or piano.

What's something we can wake you up for?

I don’t think you are allowed to wake me up for anything, but if the Appart Media servers happen to malfunction, you may call me. I am a superhero after all.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I used to want to become a jet fighter pilot, because you know, who doesn’t want to fly around in a fast and advanced machine? I also wanted to become a DJ, a dream I used to live for a few years.

Who have inspired you?

I get really inspired from new technology! Ted Talks and conferences full of new information, people who talk about their passion and make me feel their enthusiasm. That gives me renewed energy.

What is your best memory of Appart Media?

I have two memorable moments. The first one is handing over a big platform to a customer. Working together on it as a team, with a satisfied customer as result. It gives me the best feeling. Another memorable moment was during our recent move. We installed our whole network in one day, just so our colleagues could continue working the next day.

What do you think defines Appart Media?

Appart media is a company who gives young professionals a chance. It has a unique atmosphere and mentality. The amount of energy everyone puts in is unique as well. There are often people working over the weekends, something you’re not used to seeing. Sometimes it’s to meet a deadline, or because they want to finish the project.