snoepwinkel truuske

Snoepwinkel Truuske

Snoepwinkel (candy store) Truuske: a new concept with a rich history. Owner Angelique Dirkse-Braun opened her shop in Venlo, in the same building her parents had run a café for years. A tribute to her mother, Truuske, who always carried candy around for everyone.

We did
Research - Customer Journey - Strategy - Design - Development

The case

You’re going to open a candy store. You have a name and you’re full of ideas, but what are your next steps? What is it going to look like? How are you going to let people know about your new shop? Which communication tools are you going to use?

These were the questions Snoepwinkel Truuske asked Appart Media. She needed strategic advice, a creative concept and a fitting corporate identity. Appart Media got started on bringing her shop to life. We had to work on a fitting appearance and marketing strategy, for now and for the future.

We based this strategy on information gathered during our research on her branch and products. Her target audience was put into perspective through a customer journey and we were able to plan an effective strategy.

Medewerkers snoepwinkel
Research document


Snoepwinkel Truuske needed the right appearance, position and strategy, so a detailed research had to be conducted. We had to identify the target audience and their motivations. To do this, Appart Media traced their customer journey. This way, we were able to see every step the customer takes, what motivates them to buy, what information they want and which tools they use. This provided us with the necessary information, which was then translated into an effective strategy and position.


The strategy and concept revolved around the concept of the shop being more than just a candy store. Truuske knows everything! Truuske is the wise grandmother who always spoiled the kids with various candies. She used her knowledge to reveal the ingredients, amount of sugar and ‘honesty’ of the wide range of candy. That’s because Truuske does not care about taste alone, but makes sure her candy is healthy as well! This creative concept and position combined healthy and delicious candy, and gave Snoepwinkel Truuske a vision they could promote.

Tekening snoeppot

“Feel at home, like the old days!”

Angelique Dirkse-Braun, Owner Truuske

Snoepwinkel Truuske logo

Result | In general

To carry out this creative concept, we had to think out of the box. Not just the online appearance was important, the shop itself had to be taken into consideration as well. We looked at the interior and styling of the shop, and created an unified look & feel.

Result | Campaign

To bring even more of a spotlight on the soon-to-open shop, a ‘Guess and Win’ campaign was set up. People in Venlo and surrounding areas could enter a contest by answering the question: “What shop will open here soon?”. They could submit their answers on the custom made landings page. The winners won sweet prices. This campaign created a lot of buzz and exposure.

And the result? Overwhelming. After successfully designing the appearance and corporate identity, Snoepwinkel Truuske gained 1.800 Facebook likes within a week, with nothing but positive reactions. Visitors took and shared pictures on social media, which resulted in many ambassadors in a short period of time.

mobiel website

Result | Flyer

The offline reactions were no different. Many visitors visited the shop, where they lost themselves in candy heaven. The whole shop was dipped into grandmother Truuskes flavours, giving it an authentic and reminiscent feeling. The website reached 1.300 unique visits the day Snoepwinkel Truuske opened!

Result | Webshop

It’s now possible to shop online for candy as well. The design makes it easy and simple to order your favourite candy. Because their motto is ‘selling healthy sweets to children and their families’ we put stories of children with certain allergies on the website as well. Snoepwinkel Truuske helped them find candy, fitting to their needs, because every child deserves candy, right?