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Sauna Club Yinyang

Sauna club YinYang is all about taking a break from your busy life. They offer their guests the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of relaxation and entertainment options, including sauna and wellness.

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The case

Saunaclub YinYang approached Appart Media with a request for strategic advice; they wanted to focus more on Asian tourists. From their own research and experience, they concluded that there was considerable potential in this particular target audience. Appart Media was asked to write a considered strategy in order to reach this target audience in the most effective way. But before such a strategy could be formulated, the necessary information about the target group had to be researched. By identifying the characteristics of this particular group, an effective marketing campaign could then be created to achieve an optimal result.

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Research document


Before the strategy could be written, the Asian culture had to be investigated and analysed. For this, experts in Asian culture were interviewed to uncover any useful characteristics and information about the target audience. In addition, Appart Media carried out several types of desk research, investigating scientific articles, trends and developments. In order to approach them effectively, a list of do's and don’ts was made based on the research on Asian culture.
This list provided further ideas for the implementation of the strategy, taking the culture differences into account. Appart Media then mapped a customer journey to discover how customers ended up coming to Saunaclub YinYang. For this, field research was conducted in the form of surveys with Asian tourists in Roermond.


Appart Media showed how Asian tourists could be reached as effectively as possible. This took the Asian culture and their customer journey when they visited the Netherlands, specifically Roermond, into account. We described this approach in a marketing communication strategy which was then translated into a creative concept and associated campaign. In order to fully implement the strategy and creative concept, a new website was created for Saunaclub YinYang, which made the identity and values of the sauna club even more prominent.

Oog kijkt door sleutelgat

“Celebrate the good times”

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Result | Marketing Campaign

Based on our strategic advice, marketing campaign implementing both Facebook and Instagram was set up. In the first month after the launch of the marketing campaign, the numbers were promising. Dividing the campaign into various age groups showed to be a good move that resulted in a higher reach and more effective communication. It became apparent that the ‘sneak peeks’ with accompanying live broadcasts during the events at YinYang were well received by the target audience as well. It became apparent that the ‘sneak peeks’ with accompanying live broadcasts during the events at YinYang were well received by the target audience as well.

The Facebook campaign ran for a total of 4 months during which more than 500.000 people were reached. The virtual tour, designed for the new website by Appart Media, was watched by more than 30.000 people. That the chosen strategy was future-proof, became clear in the post-campaign period. The re-marketing list continued to grow, something YinYang could use in the future to reach its target audience. As a result of the strategy and campaign, YinYang's revenue rose by 10% in the first half year. On-site iPad pillars were also placed where visitors were asked to leave a review, something that was done by over 730 guests in the first year.