Everybody needs to have a mission that leads to success, just like everybody wants to be successful at what they do. And that is exactly what we aim for at Appart Media. We are not only trying to achieve success for ourselves, but also for you... We know that our clients' success makes our own; that is our vision and our way of thinking.

It goes without saying that success factors may vary for all of us, but we will always see your mission as our own and aim for your ultimate goal together, side by side!


The world around us is filled with countless elements that affect us daily, (consciously or unconsciously.). Marketing, brands, data, techniques, communication and many, many more. After all, we live in a world of consumerism; we consume both in our capacity as a company and as individuals. That being said, we don't consume just for the sake of consuming. We consume only when we are entertained. We need to be noticed, we need to identify with others and to feel justified. But above all, we need to feel connected. We need to be noticed, we need to identify with others and to feel justified. But above all, we need to feel connected.

As a brand, you have the opportunity to meet the needs of your target group. And that is precisely the objective of marketing and communication. To meet needs and create connections, in every possible way...

We do not just want you to be interesting to people – we want you to be the best in your field, and a trailblazer.


We are not just ‘doing our job’, we are doing what we love, which is why we place great value on our social responsibilities. Having started out as a small company ourselves, we know only too well how important it is to get the help you need from time to time. But we don't want to just give randomly; we strive to share our knowledge and experience through social projects. That is why we always work and think in terms of our own strength and core. In a way that really suits us. This way we continuously aim to contribute to society and to our community. Because we know only too well that there is more out there than just our own immediate surroundings...

Would you like to find out more about the organisations we support in this way? Below is an overview of all the partners we work with from a social point of view. We have taken on all these projects because we value their vision and support, because we could see their great added value in social terms, and because we like to contribute!

MVO project


As partner to AirWish, we contribute annually to the organisation of their weekend- event for children who are seriously ill. This weekend always sees a variety of wishes fulfilled, ranging from helicopter flights to DJ'ing. As their marketing partner we take care of all communication and promotional materials for the AirWish weekend.

Events 4 You

We support Events4You, a local initiative, drawing on our core and strength. For this organisation, we take on all marketing and communication for their various party events. Their website, online communication, social media management and corporate identity are almost second nature to us now.

Visit their website!


Appart Media is the official marketing partner of Fruitcorso; an annual event in Tiel. This event is a true tradition, listed on the Cultural Heritage List. In our role as partner we take care of all marketing, both online and offline, design and develop various promotional messages. In addition, we help out during the event itself, take care of ticket sales and are the first point of contact for visitors.

Visit their website!

HSV De Paardenvriend

We sponsor HSV De Paardenvriend in our own, unique way: rather than support them through donations or sponsoring, we chose something tangible. That is why we have developed a brand new website for them!

Visit their website!



Each company needs their own headquarters, right? Well, so do we! At the Appart HQ our strengths come together and you will find us working together as the close-knit team that we are today! Would you like to see where we are and get acquainted with our Appart magic? We'd love to give you a tour...

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